Dash Bar Installation Instructions

  1. Start by dry fitting the dash bar. It is meant to fit over the plastic, but it is a tight fit, so be careful about scratching the plastic.
  2. Use a tiny drill bit to start a pilot hole and mark the steel pillars.
  3. Remove the plastic and make sure holes are centered on the pillars.
  4. Open up all holes and install 5/16-18 riv-nuts. (There are videos available on youtube that can show you how to make a tool if you don’t have one).
  5. It will make installation more manageable if you oversize the holes in the plastic.
  6. Reinstall the plastic, and now your Dash-Bar is ready to bolt in.

Front Tube Fender Installation Instructions

  1. The first step to installing the new Jeep ZJ tube fenders will require significant trimming of the factory fenders. See the picture to the left for a rough idea of the area to be removed.
  2. The new ZJ tube fenders will occupy the space above the rocker panel, so care must be taken to trim the rocker panel cover to the exact dimension of the new fender.
  3. After trimming the sheet metal fender, test fit the new fender over the top.
  4. Once you have confirmed the trimming was adequate, allow the new fender to bolt over the top, carefully align the new tube fender, and mark the holes along the top edge. These holes will need to be drilled to 1/4 Inch. Loosely place the bolts through holes and put a washer and nut on the inside of the factory fender to hold the new fender in place.
  5. The rest of the holes may now be drilled around the perimeter of the new tube fender, bolting it to the factory sheet metal.
  6. Two support legs are provided for each fender. The larger support piece is to be placed in the rear of the fender. It will bolt to the new tube fender with the supplied hardware. Two holes will need to be drilled into the inner fender framework, and two more bolts will be placed here, with the nuts attached to the engine bay interior.
  7. The front support leg will attach similarly.

Ultimate Steering Box Brace Installation Instructions

  1. After opening the package, check to ensure all hardware and parts are included.
  2. Unbolt the bearing block from the brace; it will be mounted later and was installed only for shipping purposes.
  3. Read the appendix on lower radiator hose modification/replacement BEFORE installing the brace. *
  4. Park the Jeep on a flat-level surface with tires straight.
  5. Remove the nut below the pitman arm on the steering box sector shaft, and install a new sector shaft stud. Be sure to retain the stock washer as before.
  6. Remove the four bolts holding the swaybar, mount them to the frame rails, and lower the swaybar out of the way.
  7. Raise the brace to the frame rails and attach using the eight new metric bolts; they may be tightened at this point.
  8. Install the bearing block by sliding it onto the sector shaft stud with the set screw portion of the bearing facing down, using the 7/16 Inch bolts and washers/nuts. Attach the bearing block to the steering brace, and tighten the nylon lock nuts on the bottom side. You may now pull the two set screws to the stud shaft.
  9. Raise the swaybar into its new position on the brace, and attach it using the four remaining 7/16 Inch bolts and nuts/washers.
  10. Due to spatial constraints, the lower radiator hose will need to be replaced before the brace may be installed if your Jeep has a 5.2 or 5.9 V8 engine. For Inline Six engine models, the lower radiator hose usually needs to be modified by shortening the radiator end by +/- one Inch.
  11. Goodyear part #61301 works well for the 5.9 V8
  12. Goodyear part #52818 works well for the 5.2 V8

Passenger Side Cargo Lock Box Installation Instructions

  1. Place the toolbox in the assumed position over the rear passenger side wheel well.
  2. With the lid open, mark the two upper bolt-hole locations in the back of the toolbox onto the interior plastic trim of the Jeep.
  3. lace the toolbox aside. Drill two 5/16 Inch holes in the corresponding locations on the interior plastic trim marked in step two; STOP when you have drilled through the plastic and just struck steel.
  4. Remove interior plastic trim molding.
  5. Find the drill marks on the interior steel support framework behind the plastic trim you just removed. Be sure there are no obstructions behind the steel support structure, then carefully finish drilling both the holes with a 5/16 Inch bit.
  6. Place one flat washer on each supplied 1/4 Inch diameter bolt, then place the bolt into the holes in the steel support structure, with the washer and bolt head on the INSIDE of the steel support so that the threaded portion of the bolt is facing the interior of the Jeep.
  7. Install one split lock washer and nut onto each bolt, and tighten.
  8. Re-install the plastic interior trim, and align the two new bolts through the newly drilled holes in the trim panel.
  9. Place the toolbox over the threads of the bolts, and secure it with two flat washers and nuts.
  10. With the toolbox securely where you want it, you will need to drill a hole through the Jeep cargo floor to place a bolt into the bottom of the toolbox.
  11. Using a 3/8 Inch drill bit, carefully drill through the existing floor mount hole in the toolbox and into your Jeep’s cargo floor. You will need to pass through the carpet and the steel subfloor.

Driver Side Cargo Lock Box Installation Instructions

  1. This toolbox will mount in place of the spare tire, so removal of the spare tire is required!
  2. Remove the rubber bumper and plastic mounting base affixed to the interior trim panel to the right of the spare tire mounting tab; there is one long screw in the center of the rubber bumper. The plastic mounting base is also held on with this screw and small plastic tabs into the main trim panel. This piece can be removed with manipulation and persuasion without needing to remove the interior trim panel.
  3. There is an included mounting tab that will be provided with the hardware. The portion of the tab with the welded nut will face rearward. The other end of the tab bolts to the factory spare tire mount protruding from the interior trim; this supplied tab will bolt on the FRONT side of the factory tab. Use the provided 3/8 Inch bolt to connect these two.
  4. Place the toolbox in the assumed position over the rear wheel well.
  5. The smooth button head bolt will be used on the floor of the toolbox in the new included tab. It is 1/4 Inch 20 standard.
  6. The supplied hex bolt will be used in the right rear of the toolbox into the factory interior body mount. This is a metric bolt.
  7. The lock that is included will contain its instruction diagram.