ZJ 93-98 Steering Box Brace



We are introducing the Jeep ZJ Steering Box Brace. Add strength, reliability, safety, and comfort to your Jeeps steering with this simple yet very functional piece of equipment. The ZJ model, Grand Cherokee factory steering system, lacks the strength to maintain safe and predictable handling and control once larger tires add more weight.

The factory steering gearbox on the driver’s side unibody frame rail is only attached with three bolts that often come loose and can eventually break, leading to possible catastrophic steering failure. (Read: loss of ALL steering control)

Adding this bolt-on, easy-to-install brace reduces the stress turning larger tires creates on the steering gearbox. On BOTH sides, the brace bolts between the factory (or aftermarket) sway-bar brackets and the frame rails. A collar with two supplied bolts clamps around the lower shaft portion of the steering box and effectively eliminates the slop that generally plagues the steering in the Jeep ZJ. This reduction in slop and addition in strength will make your drive to the trail more enjoyable and safe and will help keep your steering box in its place while on the path. No modification or welding is needed to install this brace. Fits both the I6 and V8 models. It comes powder coated in textured black.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 6 × 4 in