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  • 96-98 ZJ Cup Holder Solution


    There are two types of people in this world, those who know the 96+ ZJ cup holders flat out suck, and those who are wrong. Sure, you can shell out 40+ bucks for the elitest rubber insert thats about as useful as socks on a rooster, but now you dont have to. 

    This is American steel here we're talking about. Designed by a ZJ driver out of pure anger and contempt of the factory beverage spilling aparatus Jeep handed down. This final solution is CNC cut from 1/8" mild steel, then deliverd (in a ZJ) to the local powdercoater who sprays on a beautiful and tough hammered texture coating, that closely mimicks the factory console apearance. 

    To install, simpley drop it onto the console in the obvious orientation, and let the drink spilling cease. It hugs the console like a glove, but I've decided to include two strips of adhesive backed rubber padding that when applied to the new part, stops any rattling, slipping, or general movement while you beat your ZJ on the trail. 

    Put your 40oz Old Engli.. soda pop in it's place with confidence, and never look back.

    This part does not affect the rubber insert and it can be left in.