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  • ZJ Ultimate Steering Box Brace

    $239.99 $227.00

    This is it. The end-all, be-all, fix to the problem of the Jeep ZJ steering box flex.

    This brace utilizes a solid machined replacement sector shaft stud, below the pitman arm, a grease-able bearing block clamps to the stud, and all grade 8 and 8.8 hardware attach the bearing and brace to the frame rails. Four bolts per side add a lot of strength to the unibody, while rigidly bracing the steering box from any lateral movement. This is the only available brace on the market for the Jeep ZJ that braces the steering, BELOW the pitman arm preventing the sector shaft from breaking in extreme situations.

    This will drop the swaybar 2.5" below its current position, so EITHER adjustable end links or a 2" minimum lift are necessary for adding this brace.

    Laser-cut parts guarantee sure fit, ultimate finish, and strength. Formed from 3/16 carbon steel plate and .120 wall tubing. Powder-coated in textured black epoxy for a strong surface finish. ALL hardware is included, but V8 ZJ's will require a new radiator hose ***. Includes everything seen pictured.



    ****The V8 models (5.9l and 5.2l) engine models both require use of a new longer lower radiator hose, as this brace will get in the way of the stock hose. Part numbers for Goodyear brand hoses that work well, are listed at the bottom of this page. The I6 engine model ZJ's may require that the lower radiator hose is shortened by an inch +/-****


    Goodyear hose part #61301 works well for the 5.9L

    Goodyear hose part #52818 works well for the 5.2L