Mountain Vista Fabrication Free black powder coat on driver side locking cubby's.
  • ZJ Battery Tray Steel Replacement


    Is the battery in your ZJ held in by a bungee cord? Maybe some string? maybe just hope? Well, that's fairly typical because the factory plastic battery trays are very easy to break, and seem to be broken often.

    Enter the MVF 100% American steel replacement! This new battery tray bolts into the stock location, with no modifications required. The battery sensor is still retained in the bottom of the new tray. Using the new hold down that is included, and two new bolts, you can now secure your battery safely and never worry again. This will allow you to mount most batteries, not just Optimas. 

    The new tray is powder-coated a strong poly-based texture black. 


    Bolt-in battery tray (powder coated standard)

    Over the battery hold down 

    Two 5/16" bolts, two washers, and two clip-on barrel nuts

     **Maximum battery size of 10-1/2"x 8"x 7" tall***

     Please email if you need a tray for a larger battery