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  • ZJ Front Tube Doors


    Introducing the all new Jeep ZJ tube doors!

    These doors have been a long time coming, and much time and attention was given to every detail of the design. From the adjust-ability of the hinges, to the rotary style automotive slam latches, to the mirror mounting, everything was designed with simplicity, aesthetics, and ergonomics in mind.

    These doors are excellent for allowing you to see out and watch for tire placement on the trail, and letting the cool breeze in on hot days.  Standard with mirror mounts holes for 03-06 Jeep TJ mirrors that are an improvement over the smaller mirrors on the full size ZJ doors.

     Installation couldn’t be simpler either. There is one plug in wiring harness and only four bolts holding the full size door to the Jeep, and these same four bolts will be used to bolt on the assembled tube doors. Then just make any adjustments necessary at the hinges, slam the door and take off!

     Doors will be shipped BARE STEEL


    What is included:

    Both passenger and driver side tube doors

    Hinge plates

    Heim Joints (hinge pivots)

    Rotary slam latches and rubber anti rattle bumpers, as well as end caps for the tubes.

    All hardware is included as well.


    What you’ll need to have: (not included)

    03-09 TJ mirrors (ebay or Amazon)

    Paint to finish the bare steel doors

    Tools for installing


    ***Being that the ZJ is a uni-body vehicle, care must be taken to strengthen or reinforce the chassis prior to removing factory doors for heavy trail use. Buyer assumes all liability, including any damage to the vehicle, and any bodily harm to both driver and passenger that may be attributed to replacing the factory door with these tube doors. For off-road use only***