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  • ZJ Midsection Unibody Frame Stiffeners

    $199.00 $189.00

    A weld in frame stiffener to reinforce or repair the midsection of your Grand Cherokee.  Constructed from 10  GA steel.  Precut for welding and formed to fit the midsection frame rails of your ZJ.   One piece design makes for faster install with less guess work and adds about 1" to the bottom outside profile of the rail. 

    Instructions:  Very important to clean frame rails before install.  Use a jack to hold in place when marking where to clear and use a grinder to remove coating.  The better job you do here the faster the rest of the job will go.  Its dirty work but an extra 10-20 min could save you an hour or two and prevent blowing holes in your frame.  Use jacks and clamps to hold in place while you confirm hole alignments and tack weld.  Stitch weld edges 50-60% and plug weld appropriate slots.  Wear all PPE when grinding and overhead welding.  Ear plugs and safety Glasses even under your hood when overhead welding.  ( Sparks in ear hole very bad)  Or support your local welder and let a professional do it.  

    More photos coming soon.  We made a few small edits after the install of this set.  Front corner sections that tie in will also be coming soon.  They are sale priced as if you were buying full kit so don't wait.