June 6, 2024

So far I’ve used the 242 linkage which is many much better than what is on it factory, battery tray to replace the plastic pile that died moons ago and the cup holders in both ZJ’s including my five-niner. Today just mounted the tube bumper and it’s awesome. The original ports do have to be opened up, but that’s stated on site. I drilled up the frame holes slightly with a step drill mainly because holes are tight for the 9/16 hardware provided and it mounted flawless, everything lined up. Might add the winch deck later maybe. Still have the steering box brace to install yet. This outfit is a life saver for us ZJ geeks.

Cade Leith
March 14, 2024

Everything I have bought from MVF has been amazing quality. From the cup holder to the battery tray and now the tube fenders for my ZJ… awesome quality and amazing customer service!

Damon Frye
February 15, 2024

Awesome company! Many awesome products for ZJ’s. The build and the quality is the best I’ve seen. I usually end up getting two of everything because my son also owns a Jeep Zj. Excellent customer service too!

January 25, 2024

Well made Jeep parts made by local Jeepers.. I love my linkage and outer slide armor. THANK YOU