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ZJ 242-231 Transfer Case Shift Linkage


Mountain Vista Fabrication transfer case shift linkage for the Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee.

This carefully engineered shift linkage replaces 100% of the stock linkage that is inevitably prone to failure, leading to the transfer case being unable to shift into the correct gear. A very annoying and troublesome problem.

With this new linkage, we've eliminated an entire separate link rod that the stock setup employs, simplifying the action and providing a smooth, yet secure and confident shift into all five t-case gear options. The shift pattern is retained in the same direction too. Don’t get stuck in the mud having to crawl under the Jeep and shift the case manually ever again! Hardware utilizes nylock nuts to prevent any chance of the hardware loosening up and falling off. Both new tabs are powder coated for a strong, long-life finish.